11 Sep

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Before I get into Moss I want to give a big THANK YOU! to all you lovelies that stopped at my booth on Saturday at the Theofest. It was a beautiful day weather wise and in so many other ways, Thank you again.

Now for Moss.

 When I made my little magic beans, I wondered and wondered what I would line their nest with. I wanted something special, something  meaningful. The word Moss kept popping into my head. "Well sure" I thought, moss would be an obivious choice, but I wanted something with a little bit more spiritual punch. But the word was persistent, couldn't even sleep without be woken up by the word "moss" dancing around my brain. So one night I just gave in and looked up the spiritual meaning of moss, fully expecting to find nothing. Boy was I ever in for a surprise.

Did you know that Moss is considered a symbol of growth, fertility and abundance? But wait, there is more, so much more. In the Celtic traditions, moss meant new beginnings and was used in healing rituals. In Christanity, moss teaches us humility. In addtition, it is said that moss teaches us about resilience. It is the first plant to repopulate the land after a fire and can survive in almost every climate and exposure.

Harmony? yes! Moss can even teaches us about harmony since it grows in cluster creating a lush and harmonious natural environment. It provides an entire ecosystem in which the roots of trees are ofered minerals and vitamins.

Not only is moss good for the plant kingdom, it's good for us humans too. It is said that moss is a great grounding tool for those who are feeling lost or lonely. It can be said that Moss is a healer of emotional wounds  since it "fills in cracks even cracks caused by a broken heart."

Who knew that the lowly moss was so powerful! Needless to say, I line my sweet little Magic Beans nest with moss. A good start I say to good magic.

Next Monday I'll tell you about my Magic Beans and how they came to be.

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