04 Jun

I always wanted to develop a blog. So I started one a few months ago, and I quickly found out that my 70 year old eyes needed something larger than a 13 inch screen. Squinting does cause wrinkles. So I treated myself and bought myself a 24 inch monitor! WOW right? Not so fast.

Back in the day the things you bought came with really good instructions. Not now, that impressive booklet contains one poorly drawn diagram. One paragraph of so called set-up directions, and the rest of the pages are dedicated to every language on planet earth. To get the full booklet in your language, you must now download it. So I did, all 70 pages!

The first few pages are for the techies. Than there are some warnings. Next came instructions on how to get the monitor out of the box, not kidding here. Finally, on page 10 were the set-up instructions. The same poorly drawn diagram was there, but at least there was more text. Which quickly informed me that one of the cables that would be needed was not included. So, off to Best Buy. Came home followed the directions. Turned on the monitor, and a menu popped up showing the word English and next to it a check mark followed by a list of every language on the planet. At the bottom was a group of buttons to toggle through, but no way to do this because according to the instructions only the monitor should be on. The instructions said I was now to select the correct input source from the OSD menu on my monitor and then turn on my computer. So began a week long journey of trying to solve the mystery of how to select the correct input source from a menu that had no visible way of toggling through the buttons.

After trying many different ways of connecting and not connecting my monitor to my computer, I reluctantly called Tech Support. Three trips to India later, there was still no fix to the problem. So I decided the monitor must be defective. I called Customer Service to get return info. Honest, after spending One Hour in their automated loop system, that did not address returns, mercifully I was connected to real live person, in India!

I guess they don't like to hear a customer say the "product must be defective and I want to return it." I was promised a real live person in the USA would call me the next day. This person was one of their "super techs" and if he or she could not solve the problem, return instructions would be sent to me. Today, a real nice super tech called from the good old USA.  Said not to worry, all that was needed was an update of my drivers and the problem would be solved. Drivers all updated, and still there was no way to toggle through the menu. So return instructions where sent.

Disappointed I sat down with my 70 page manual and began thumbing through it, on page 44 something caught my eye. There on page 44 was a picture of a button on the back to the monitor that was previously referred to as only "joy stick." On page 44 was a note, that it was this button that would toggle me through the menu. In less than 5 minutes, problem solved, all systems go-no more squinting for me and I'm back on track!  


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