09 Sep

After a long absence, I'm returning to Theofest in Wheaton on Saturday September 10th..
I will be showcasing a new line of my personally blended essential oils. Here is a preview;

Dreams Do Come True Powder. Some people feel the answers to difficult decisions or paths are given to them in their dreams. The sedative properties along with the dream inducing agents will have you intuitively coming to a decision by the time you wake up.

Calm Linen Powder. Having an anxious night, sprinkle some of this powder inside your pillow case or on your sheets. The aromas impart an aura of peace and contentment.

Paradise Pillow Powder. Sprinkle this E/O recipe inside your partners pillow and their thoughts will turn from sleep to loving you and only you.
All Powders are in 2 0z. shakers $8

Ancient Wonders Spray. If you are feeling agitated or anxious, this spray will calm your mood and give you that chilled-out-attitude. These oils have been used since ancient times to bring calm and peace to the atmosphere.  2oz. spray $8

Abundance Roll On. This blend is believed to lead to an abundance of whatever you desire. It has been used for centuries to bring abundance to the wearer.  10ml roll on $6

Soul Balm. A balm for the soul is necessary to get through the grieving process and begin to have faith in humanity again. These oils are derived from plants that were used as far back as medieval times to heal people who have been betrayed and rejected by friends, loved ones, and lovers. 4 oz. tin $10

Blessed Ointment Balm. This balm contains some of the holiest E/O to help bring honor and respect to a situation or religious rite. These oils have been used throughout history as a mean to express gratitude and surrender to spirit. 2 0z. tin $8

If you would like to order any of these wonderful blends, just send me an email at
butterturtle@mail.com with your name, shipping details and email address, I will send you a pay pal link, an easy and convenient way to pay. Isn't technology great! 

But I do hope you can come out and enjoy this wonderful FREE festival!

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