03 Sep

On January 18, 2018 my husband Jack died because of  the lack of care he received at Alden Estates of Naperville. A nursing home that had a contract with the VA. It is now September 2021, three and half years later. I'm not sure if the VA still has a contract with this facility, I sure hope not, our veterans deserve better.

I filed a lawsuit against Aden Estate of Naperville one week after my hubby's passing, and to date this facility has still not accepted responsibility and continues to exact pain and suffering on myself by any method it has available and I'm tired of being victimized, thus this post and bumper sticker pictured. So here is Jack's story.

My dear husband had dementia, was immobile due to his inability to rehab after he broke his hip, and he had a indwelling catheter. I was caring for him at home until I fell and broke my ankle and foot and was under doctor orders to keep all weight off that foot for 6 weeks. Jack was already under the care of the VA and they arranged for him to go to Alden Estates of Naperville. The VA doctors checked him out before admission and he was in good health. He was given into their care on December 22, 2017. Because of his dementia, there were times when he would pull his catheter out. I would have to transport him to the hospital where he was checked for any damage to his urethra after which a new catheter was placed.

Every day I would give Jack a new daytime collection bag, and a fresh nighttime bag at bed time. Measures I took to help prevent urinary infections. I knew I wasn't going to be able to visit until my doctor gave me the okay to, so I gave the nursing staff clearly written instruction on what to do if he pulled out his catheter. I provided the staff too, with more than enough day and night collection bags to cover his stay.

On January 4, 2018 Fourteen days after Jack went into the care of Alden Estates of Naperville, I received a call from Edwards Hospital ER informing me that my husband was admitted, and that he was in kidney failure. Didn't get a call from Alden Estates of Naperville, I had to call them to try and figure out what in the hell happened.

It seems that Jack had pulled out his catheter, according to the nurses notes, on January 1 and that a new one was not inserted, and by their admission, they did not contacted me. Imagine four days without a way to relieve your bladder.

Jack fought for 14 days, his kidneys never recovered, he went into renal failure developed pneumonia and sepsis. My lovely husband died at 11:30 pm. January 18, 2018


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