03 May

Well the good news is that the snow has changed to rain, thankfully, because if all the rain we been having was snow we would never see summer!

So Some up dates; Jack's wrongful death suit finally has a court date,
Jan 11, 2023. This take me into year 5!

I will be spending my summer writing our legislators asking that they consider drafting a bill that would limit the time a wrongful death suit or personal injury suit can take to settle. To prolong a families or persons pain, by slow walking the only legal remedy available is tantamount to cruelty and needs to be addressed. It is an election year so I'm hoping it might get a few looks. I'm also going to be seeking out the media. When a murder, rapist or pedophile can get their day in court faster than an injured party in a civil suit, there is something really wrong with the system. 

Next, my little shop A Tree and a Prairie. The prolong winter has allowed me time to settle on a direction. In addition to my handcrafted items you will find all good things for hearth, scent and spirit. There is still an array of antique clocks to choose from, each patiently awaiting its forever home. So if you're in the neighborhood of 240 Illinois Rt. 59 Naperville IL. Stop in
The Painted Tree, I'm inside there booth F10 (still don't have my sign). There are other great booth to peruse as well. After which you can grab lunch at Portello's!

Before I sign off I want to say Thank you to all of you who have sent prayers and wishes as I healed from the loss of my dear friend, Al.

So till the next time, Blessings to you and yours.   

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